生活をしていくためだけの仕事でなく働きがいや生きがい、誇りに繋がる仕事を醸成することが、愛すべき岐阜の暮らしの創出となるとわたしたちは考えます 。





We believe that fostering jobs that are not just a way of making a living, but also jobs that give people a sense of purpose and a sense of pride in their work, is the way to create a life in beloved Gifu.


GPDL Ltd. is developing a business to support the enhancement of the brand power of Gifu products. In order to do so, it is essential for us to work as a team in cooperation with those who support us and to forge links across industries and fields. Industry, government and academia, producers, sellers and consumers, designers, craftsmen and engineers... Our goal is to become a platform where people who love life in Gifu can come together, transcending all barriers.


We want to create a proud "Life in Gifu" with everyone by making the world's life positive by being born from a land called "Gifu".







さらには海外主要エリアでの店舗運営も予定しており、岐阜の商品を海外で販売することで「岐阜」を世界に伝えていく ... そんな岐阜と世界を繋ぐプラットフォームとしても展開させていきたいと考えています。

Connecting people,
Connecting Gifu and the world
With the keyword "Gifu" at its core, we aim to become a platform where many people from within and outside the prefecture gather.
By developing and selling products in cooperation with cooperative businesses, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and financial institutions, we hope that you will make use of this platform as a place to establish new connections and channels.
We are also planning to operate stores in major overseas markets, and by selling Gifu's products overseas, we will introduce Gifu to the world ... We would like to develop this platform to connect Gifu with the rest of the world.